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Terms & Conditions


StreamingSpaces (“We”) is the trading name of StreamingSpaces Limited, company
number 13019743 registered in England and Wales.

StreamingSpaces.co.uk (“the website”) is wholly owned and operated by
StreamingSpaces Limited.

To contact StreamingSpaces, please email office@streamingspaces.co.uk.

Rights of Use and Access

  1. Basic access to StreamingSpaces.co.uk is provided free of charge and is
    open to all. Additional features are available to paid members.
  2. By using our website you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.
  3. You are not allowed to copy, modify, duplicate, or create derivatives of any or
    all of the website, or derive income from content contained herein.
  4. We frequently update the website and content; however material may be out-
    of-date and should not be relied on. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the
    content on the website.
  5. StreamingSpaces are the owner or licensee of all intellectual property rights in
    the website. They are protected by copyright.
  6. Where possible we try to make the website available 24 hours per day, seven
    days per week; however planned or unscheduled maintenance may affect
    this. We do not guarantee uninterrupted access.

External Parties

  1. Links from the website to external sites are for information only. We do not
    recommend, endorse or accept responsibility for content on external sites.
  2. You are allowed and encouraged to link to our website. We can end this
    permission at anytime.


  1. Content contained within the website may be submitted by members and
    should be viewed as for guidance only, StreamingSpaces accepts no liability
    for the accuracy of the information or the service given by any third party
    engaged through the website.

Membership and Fees

  1. Basic membership subscriptions are free for venue owners. All subscriptions
    are free for venue finders and event organisers. There is no VAT on

    1. Bronze membership is £10 pcm / £100 per annum
    2. Silver membership is £25 pcm / £250 per annum
    3. Gold membership is £50 pcm / £500 per annum
  2. Payment Failure
    1. In the event we are unable to take payment, your spaces shall revert to a free membership until payment is made. All data shall be retained.
  3. Cancellation
    1. If you choose to cancel your subscription via your Account page, the venue will remain active for the rest of your current billing period. Any new subscription taken out before the end of this billing period will be unique and remaining funds will not be carried across.
    2. If you cancel by deleting a venue, the venue will be removed immediately but the cost will not be refunded and will end at the end of your current billing period.
  4. If you close your account, it will be flagged for deletion within 7 days. At point of closure all premium spaces shall be cancelled and set to private. You may choose to reactivate it during this time and all data will be retained. If you reinstate your account, you will need to manually make your spaces public and reactivate your subscriptions. After 7 days, all data will be removed.


  1. Rights
    1. On submission of content to SkillShop all rights are transferred to StreamingSpaces for reproduction and distribution of material. The author retains the right to request removal of content.
    2. On cancellation of contract the credit for authoring of SkillShop content shall revert to ‘StreamingSpaces’.
    3. We have the right to disclose a user’s identity if there is a claim of intellectual property infringement

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